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Episode SEVEN: The Plight of Healthcare Workers

This episode will open your eyes to the reality of what healthcare workers are facing during this pandemic and what’s to come in the future. For those of you who may remember Raveen from episode one, I had to bring her back in this episode because like her, many patients are anxious and concerned about their future chemotherapy treatment.  Psychologists are planning out the next few years on how healthcare workers will be affected by stress, trauma, and anxiety. I also spoke to a radiographer and she is scanning patients at such a high volume that she fears she may have to ration her protective gear between patients.  Despite the uncertainty of the future, Dr. Nirja Joshi tells me how she believes this pandemic has removed a lot of red tape for doctors and has given her a new opportunity to work from home and assess her patients much quicker - something that was impossible just two weeks ago.  This pandemic has created a radical re-ordering of our society and with this, it’s brought about an opportunity for change. Thank you to everyone around the world who is helping out during this time, we need you now more than ever. 

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