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Episode NINE: Rahul Puri - Founder, Apne Project

Rahul works as a pharmacist by day and has been working tirelessly over the last couple of weeks to make sure all his patients have the medications they need during the lockdown. The exhaustion is different from what he usually feels during busy periods of work, it's not physical tiredness he is feeling, it's draining him out emotionally.  Apart from his work as a pharmacist, Rahul set out to start a project he’s had in his mind for almost 10 years - the Apne project. Rahul has always had it in the back of his mind to celebrate the success of creatives in our community and his success was never about the numbers, the views or any social media fame, it’s always been about trying to help others and create a conversation. His journey of how this idea came about and how this project is funded has inspired me personally and his hard work and dedication come from a place of pure selflessness and hard work. This episode is definitely the pick me up I needed!  You can find more of Rahul's work on Instagram: @apne_project

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