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Episode FIVE: Jaspreet Kaur, Award-Winning Spoken Word Artist

Jaspreet Kaur is also known online as Behind The Netra and is best known for her poetry. She has performed all around the UK and her TED talk, How Poetry Saved My Life is what caught my attention a few years ago. Since then, I’ve seen this lovely lady grow and fight for everything she believes in - a huge inspiration to my own work. 

Jaspreet talks about how poetry saved her life as a teenager when she was battling with depression. We also talk about our views on cultural appropriation and this is one big black hole that we jumped into where we almost lost track of time! Jaspreet’s knowledge and passion for our history and our community is truly inspiring. Listen to the lovely lady yourself, and you will see what I mean! 

Find out more about Jaspreet's work on her website:

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