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Episode 29: Jasvinder Sanghera - Survivor of Forced Marriage

At 14, Jasvinder Sanghera ran away from home to break the chain of forced marriage that she saw in her elder sisters. One of her sisters was married at the age of 15 and ended up committing suicide as the abuse she was facing was unimaginable. On that day in 1981, she had two options: to give into a life of abuse and torture, or to start her own path towards freedom and happiness. Throughout the last couple of decades, time has made things easier, but it's never fully erased the pain. Jasvinder's family disowned her completely. This meant that she had to sleep in cars, clean houses to feed herself and create her own destiny towards womanhood. At the age of 55, she still has no contact with her family, but she's gained so much more and helped so many women along her journey since her escape.

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