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Episode 27: Juggy Sidhu - From Pain To Passion

In his early twenties, Juggy was diagnosed with clinical depression. He struggled and fought hard to find a way out. One day, he was tired of figuring things out and his thoughts translated into a physical act that changed his whole life. ⁣

Bodybuilding and coaching aside, this man has endured pain and suffering in so many forms. The great thing about Juggy is that he celebrates these moments of hardship. Achieving greatness is a lifelong mission and Juggy has learnt to fall in love with the process.⁣

Lean Indian academy is Juggy's passion project. He's given every fibre of his being to create this space and I'm sure that in 30 years time, his kids will look back and burst with pride.⁣

Tune in to find out how Juggy fought and strived to create the life he wanted.⁣

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