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Episode 11: The Reality Of COVID-19 In India - Pia Hazarika

This is not a case of COVID-19 in India, in the UK, or in China. This is a GLOBAL crisis and we all play a role in speaking up for other humans who have had to face an unimaginable amount of suffering during this time. Pia Hazarika is an illustrator and graphic designer who has a deep knowledge about how the government's actions have affected the thousands of labour workers in India during this time.  There are so many parallels between this pandemic and what happened during demonetisation - the main one being the lack of consideration for the working class. My own father was once a labourer and he had nobody to speak up for him or his family, and I cannot imagine my father having to go through hunger or fear through no fault of his own. This is why this hits me so close to home. This episode will give you a REAL insight into the suffering that’s happening and how now more than ever, we need to lift each other up and help our fellow citizens. If you see anybody around you make racist comments, it’s your responsibility to speak up. Do not be a spectator to any injustice.  You can follow Pia's work on Instagram: @pi_alize and on her website,

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