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Episode 10: YOUTUBE SPECIAL - Sonam Patel, Mental Health Activist

During this time in lockdown, mental health has been a big topic of discussion. It's a crucial time to self-reflect and understand our own thought processes, triggers and coping mechanisms as this can really benefit us in the future when we do get past this pandemic. Sonam and I discuss how mental health affects the South Asian community and how we can go about having these important discussions with our family at home. A lot of you may be living with your parents or families right now and may need someone to talk to - Sonam's team at reroute have created a space for everyone regardless of the magnitude of their issues, their age, or gender. I hope this conversation sparks conversations with your own family, and most importantly with yourself. Are you identifying your own triggers and solutions?  You can follow Sonam's team on Instagram: @reroute2018 and they have a lot of events coming up and it's open to anybody who wants to talk or even just listen! 

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